The Dictionary Salesman
Calling all child scientists!!
at Meme English Garden
Summer Session 2016

TJP is ready to start the production of our next play! This autumn your child will become a salesman of words!

What do you need to write a letter to someone? How about a dictionary? There's quite a lot of letters in there! A, B, C... Wait. Maybe we should check the meaning of 'letter' first...

In “The Dictionary Salesman” we will explore the joys of language. Join us for a whole lot of wordplay fun and let's blow some wind through the pages of that dusty old dictionary on the shelf!

Sign-up is rolling and is a first come first serve!


Introducing Awesome Science Tokyo, an English science club filled with fun and wacky experiments for all ages! Children will not only participate in experiments but will also be provided with handouts to learn about the science behind it! We cherish creativity, diversity and freedom!

All science experiments will be age appropriate for elementary and junior high school students. Age appropriate materials and texts will be provided. Please stay tuned for upcoming sessions!

Hone your kids' critical thinking and reasoning skills with us at Meme English Garden's new venture, the Kids' Debate Club.

Venue: Meme English Garden (2-6-2 Miyasaka, Setagaya-ku)
Day & Time: Every Wednesday 1700~1800

Contact us at for more information.

We are excited to announce the launch of the TJP BOOK CLUB!

The TJP Book Club is designed for English readers and speakers at a native or near-native level. The sessions will be challenging, motivating, creative and fun! Students will strengthen their analytical and communicative skills, using text-based evidence to support and defend their unique opinions, ideas and observations.

Please inquire: