At TJP, multi-national children use English as a common  communication tool to think ”outside of the box”


Brainstorming & Creative thinking

For us, as much as the outcome of the final performance, it’s the process of creating a play that really  counts. We push our children to spit out their wildest ideas, direct them to  think through the situation in which their characters are facing. Through this  process, they gradually form their own ”relationship” with one another in the  play. So, in the end, they’re not actually “acting” on stage, but just being  themselves, reacting to one another as the character in a natural way.

Building those Critical Thinking muscles!

We’re not intertesed in any type of template, or ready-made format when working  with our children. Template lesson plans are just an easy way out for “teachers” and franchise owners.  At TJP, no child is expected to search for a given “correct  answer”. Why? Simply because there is no such thing as “correct answers” when you are steering your own imagination! Any imagination would do!  We push them to write, draw, sing, dance – just run wild in their own  ideas, and have wild fun within it. We are just there to help and tidy up their thoughts, when ideas start to fly all over the place.

Tokyo Junior Playhouse (TJP) is an all-English community drama  group for and by kids in Tokyo, Japan. TJP’s unique style is to take a  traditional Japanese story and make it into a kids-friendly English script. TJP  aims to plant a seed of Japanese culture in every child’s heart so that they  will be able to take a piece of Japan with them all around the world, throughout  their journey of life.

TJP opened their doors in 2012, marking their first public  performance at the Setagaya ward’s “International Friendship Meeting” last  November. TJP kicked 2013 off with a new series of drama workshops, which led to  a dinner-style show for family and friends to enjoy.

Saturday afternoon drama meetings are held weekly in the Shibuya  and Setagaya areas. For more information, please write to:  juniorplayhouse@gmail.com

For more pictures and event info please visit – https://www.facebook.com/JuniorPlayhouse


Our Mission
The Tokyo Junior Playhouse creatively enriches the lives of youth by offering education in the art and craft of theatre written for youth, performed by youth and presented to the public.

Our Values
Self-Confidence: We enhance students’ life-long ability to express themselves with clarity and conviction.

Friendship: We provide a safe environment where students interact and form lasting relationships.

Responsibility: We promote a team environment in which students rely on each other and themselves to fulfill their goals.

Creativity: We foster individuality and unique ideas expressed on stage and beyond.

Inclusiveness: We make programs and performances accessible to all.

Fun: We believe that theatre arts should be enjoyable and that FUN is essential to our quality of life.


NPO Tokyo Junior Playhouse
2-6-1 Miyasaka Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan