From the Rehearsal Studio – Week 4


Laying down the rules at the start of every session

It is already the fourth session?! Feels like it was only yesterday that we started TJP 2016 Winter Season. Since we’re already at the midway point, we only have four more sessions to perfect our performance on March 6! We are all nervous because there are so many things to do on the final performance day! Not only are we going to showcase our acting talents, we’re also going to make March 6 like going to a real show in a real theatre!

Playing dead… erm… maybe not…

On this cold day, we completed blocking for Acts 1 & 2, and rehearsed our lines for Act 1. I think Act 1 is pretty much done, but remember- Don’t turn your backs to the audience! Everyone has to remember to speak louder too! There’s much more to report about Acts 1 & 2, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Rehearsing Act 2

Rehearsing Act 2

We also learned a song in this session! More things to remember! Our coach is making us do so much in our performance; I hope our parents and other members of the audience will be able to appreciate our hard work! The song will be a good ending to the story that we will be putting up, and we hope that everyone can join us and sing together~

Marina deserves an Oscar for playing dead. Look at that facial expression!

Marina deserves an Oscar for playing dead. Look at that facial expression!

In terms of stage design, we just started making props and backdrops. Everyone has pitched their ideas, so we’re mix-and-matching them to create something to be remembered! Hopefully our Set Designer can translate our drawings into real things. We can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve come up with!

Don’t forget! Our performance is on March 6, 3 P.M. at Futako Tamagawa Chiku Kaikan Bekkan! Bring your children, parents, friends, friends’ parents, friends’ parents’ friends, and anyone else who is free! There will be other activities besides our play! See you there!

This has been J, reporting from the rehearsal studio.