From the Rehearsal Studio – Week 6


Marshmallow pops for all!

Marshmallow pops for everyone~!! Week 6 started off with sugar high energy! We rehearsed our whole play twice today, including intermission and curtain call. Curtain call was new to everyone, so we made sure that everyone understood what and how to do. Please look forward to it!

Making costumes

Making costumes

We talked about our costumes and hairstyles too. Everyone has to get ready for costume fitting and full dress rehearsal in the upcoming session. We had a good laugh experimenting with different hairstyles. We’ll be needing lots of hairpins and hairspray!

Please come and watch us!

Please come and watch us!

There are only two more sessions left before the big day! We’ve got to continue rehearsing to make sure that we’re putting up our best performance on March 6. Rehearsals can be tiring, but like the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect improvement.”. We can do this!

Don’t forget the date- March 6, 2016 (SUN)!
Don’t forget the time either- Door opens 15:00; Performance begins ~15:10
And, of course, the venue- Futako Tamagawa Chiku Kaikan Bekkan

Until then!

This has been J, reporting from the rehearsal studio.