From the Rehearsal Studio – Week 7

Full dress rehearsal today

Full dress rehearsal today

Week 7 is here and so are our costumes and props! We couldn’t bring the full set (too big and too many!) but we did rehearse with the props, and in our costumes! It was a lot of fun figuring out the best hairstyles and the best ways to put on our costumes. We’ll be doing another full dress rehearsal the next session too! So exciting!

Special guest and assistant, Riku!

Special guest assistant, Riku!

These few weeks have been very busy for our Set and Costume Designer. Fortunately (??), we had special help from our shy but chatty assistant! We also challenged ourselves to create props and sets under a very tight budget, meaning that we use recycled materials as much as possible. If only the participants are older, they would definitely be involved in the designing and creating too!

Pass the drawing!

Pass the drawing, please!

After our full dress rehearsals, we played some games to freshen up and strengthen our teamwork. I think our teamwork proved to be great during our Group Count game! Amazing!! With such teamwork, I’m sure that we can put up our best performance for everyone on March 6. Everyone, let’s do our best!!

In costume

In costume

There is only one week left for rehearsals before our final show on the 6th of March. Invite your family and friends to our show! You will need tickets (free of charge!) for the show and they will be available at the door.

Don’t forget!

March 6th, 2016
Doors open at 15:00
Futako Tamagawa Chiku Kaikan Bekkan

See you there!

This has been J, reporting from the rehearsal studio.