TJP 2016 Spring/Summer


Once upon a time… we’re making fairy tale characters come to life! Don’t miss out on this magic carpet ride~ a whole new wooorld… Oops. Sorry for the distraction.

Right, yes! Fairy tales! We’re doing something new! Something exciting! We’re mashing up a couple of fairy tales (call it a crossover of sorts, if you may) and turning them into one huge story that you’ll want to hear at bedtime again! Picture Little Red Riding Hood meeting Snow White meeting Rapunzel in a forest while an evil presence lurks nearby.

So come join us in this whole new world~ a new fantastic point of view~~~~ *ahem* I mean, come join us in this new fairy tale world!


For the older participants, we will be putting up a play written by Eitan Loewenstein, titled ‘Stories from the Pound’. If you’ve ever wondered what the animals in the pound are thinking about, then you’ll find out in this play! Don’t miss out the stories that these animals are going to tell!

So next time you see an animal, listen… listen carefully. They just might talk to you.


TJP 2016 Spring/Summer Season
April 17, 2016 (Sunday)
Studio Worcle SHIBUYA
Cost: ¥30,000 / 9 sessions (+¥2,000 for new members)