The Little Farm – The Thank You Page


“So what’s the moral of the story?”
“Don’t judge others by appearance!”

March 6, 2016 was a day to remember at the Futakotamagawa Chiku Center. Four girls of various ages and backgrounds came together to put up a play that had brought the biggest audience turnout in TJP’s history. Coupled with the play was our fashion show (the 2016 Winter Farm Collection hehehe), the amazing guest performance, popcorns, cupcakes, and party!

I hope that each child had had fun and each parent had maximized their phone/camera storage with lots of pictures! The Little Farm was an ambitious project that could not have been realized without the great help that we’d had.

Below are thank-you messages from the people who introduced The Little Farm to the four girls, and who brought The Little Farm to stage.


From the producer and director, Jas (a.k.a. Cow)

THANK YOU for your amazing participation, girls! And THANK YOU for your continuous support, parents of girls! I hope the girls have learned more than just memorizing lines and positions on stage. It was definitely great to see the girls’ transformation throughout the nine weeks that we had spent together. I hope that I can work with the girls again in the future! Cheers! Moooooooo~


From the assistant producer and director, Liuwina (a.k.a. Dog)

I was delighted to get this opportunity to work for TJP this season.
It was truly an interesting and fun experience, also to me it was very heartwarming to see the kids having fun and truly unfold.
I just want to say thanks for having me and I hope to be a part of this in future seasons!


From the set and costumer designer, Yuko (a.k.a. Farmer)

This season was my first time with TJP.
I was very happy to be a member of TJP in this season.
When the kids saw the props and costumes I made, they liked them and their expressions were bright.
I was very surprised and felt very very happy every session!



It was a day to remember, and a day we want to experience again!

So…. here comes TJP 2016 Spring/Summer Season! Come join us (again!) at Studio Worcle Shibuya as we dive into fantasy in the forms of mashed-up fairy tales and talking animals!

Pass this on to your friends and invite them to join nine weeks of gruelling training fun!

To sign up for TJP 2016 Spring/Summer Session, clickety-click HERE!