Thank you for such a fun experience for the children!! My son was on the phone this morning with his grandparents in the USA telling them that they should definitely plan on coming to the next show! What a treasure to have such sweet and dedicated volunteers, too. I wish we parents could have all gotten together to give you all some kind of gift at the end. You really work so hard! Thanks so much!

TJP was a great opportunity for my kids to make new friends, use their English in a free and extraordinary setting, dance & sing! Developing their characters by reading deep into the script, acting on stage…my kids didn’t want it to end!

We loved the show!!! I would have laughed and clapped a lot louder if I hadn’t been holding a video camera and a wiggling 3-year-old on my lap. The whole play was so funny and the kids so sincere. A big thank you to all the volunteers who have been so dedicated to working with our kids on Saturday afternoons! You all seem like you must be fabulous actors, and I’m sure you’ll be great parents someday, too! We don’t have any relatives anywhere nearby so we really appreciate you stepping in for all the absent cousins and aunts and uncles!!!

What a great season! My son had so much fun being part of such a friendly group of young international creatives in the making! I look forward to your programs getting bigger, better, and stronger, and we would love to rejoin in the upcoming seasons!

My daughter had a great time. Thank you so much! The TJP experience has inspired her, and even gave her the courage to do her own little “off-the-cuff magic show” at a friend’s birthday party and a little one for me at home just this past weekend. The six week sessions are perfect from the point of view of a parent and the kids leave with a real sense of accomplishment!